For over 45 years always with the same passion, always with the same attention to detail.



Always ready to fulfil and satisfy the demands of our customers.

In addition to our creations, you can admire in our showcases high quality jewellery, selected by us to offer our customers a wider range of styles and (why not) price ranges too, to choose from.

In our shop/laboratory located in Via dei Serpenti No. 5 in Rome, you will have at your disposal all our experience and courtesy.

Some of Our Creations

  • Gioielleria Licciardello1
  • Gioielleria Licciardello3
  • Gioielleria Licciardello6
  • Gioielleria Licciardello5
  • Gioielleria Licciardello8
  • Gioielleria Licciardello2